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We all have visited the dentist at least once in our life and must have waited for the oral health check-up. Dentistry is an integral part of the daily life because oral health is vital. It is a must for every one of us to maintain a safe as well as healthy oral health because a lot of our bodily function is dependent on our oral health. For example, wisdom teeth are a common dental problem. If the wisdom teeth are not removed through surgery, then it becomes very tough for anyone even to chew and take the regular food. Sometimes the problem becomes so major that the patient needs to live on liquid foods for a couple of days. So, we can understand the importance of dentistry. One of the significant and important roles in the team of dental workers is played by the dental technicians. Dental technicians are the one who does all the lab works as well as who is also responsible for managing all the instruments in the hospital. Dental technicians need some training and some certifications to carry out their profession. The primary job of the dental lab technicians is to work with the dentists and to create partial as well as partial dentures, veneers, crowns, bridges, orthodontic appliances, etc. Another thing that is done by the dental technicians is making the model of the mouth of the patients’ for the type of bridge, crown, and denture.

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